Case Study: MailChimp

Discovering new advertising channels through web crawling.

About MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the leaders in email marketing. In order to provide a premier email service, they put a lot of focus on preventing people from being spammed. This means making sure that their customers’ email lists are not populated by unwanted emails.

Their spam team needed a good way to collect all publicly-available email addresses found on the web. If one of their customers had an email list that consists mostly of these emails, then that list needed to be flagged.

How They Use 80legs:

MailChimp subscribes to a feed of email addresses from the Giant Web Crawl.
1 Our team modified the Giant Web Crawl to collect and return emails found on each URL crawled.
2 These emails are sent to MailChimp's 80legs account, and in turn are downloaded and sent through their spam-checking process.
Progrees is made!


The Giant Web Crawl helps MailChimp get fresh email lists from the entire web without having to figure out how to crawl the entire Internet themselves.