Case Study: Monotype Imaging

Discovering new advertising channels through web crawling.

About Monotype Imaging

Monotype Solutions produces and sells a wide variety of fonts for use on the web. In order to gain data on what percentage of websites use their fonts versus their competitors, they needed a solution that could scan millions of websites and identify font usage. They turned to 80legs.

How They Use 80legs:

Monotype Solutions subscribed to our Giant Web Crawl service. Here’s how the process works:
1 We modified the Giant Web Crawl service to match specific text in HTML source relevant to font usage.
2 The Giant Web Crawl scans over 600,000 websites each month. On each web page crawled, it checked for the relevant HTML source.
3 When a match was found, the corresponding URL and matching content was logged.
3 The log data was sent to Monotype Imaging’s 80legs account, where it was downloaded by them and used for internal reporting.
Progrees is made!


The Giant Web Crawl helped Monotype Imaging discover data on the web without having to build a web-wide crawler on their own. Instead of having to manage a web-wide crawler themselves, they simply receive a data feed targeted to their needs that’s sourced from the entire Internet.