Giant Web Crawl

Crawl the entire Internet with our GWC service

Do your data collection needs require scraping the entire Internet? Our Giant Web Crawl service is what you need.

The Giant Web Crawl service crawls over 600,000 different domains and over 600 million URLs each month. Our customers use this service to find common content or data elements found on millions of domains.

Example use-cases include:

  • Competitive intelligence on adoption of website plugins
  • Collecting keywords for content analysis
  • Scanning websites for pirated music
  • Collecting email addresses to fight email spam

Here's how the Giant Web Crawl works:

Domain crawler We process a list of every registered domain and feed this list into a set of 80legs web crawls.
URL crawler These web crawls run a series of data extraction methods on each URL crawled.
URL Data being funneled into your account As a Giant Web Crawl customer, you receive the data that interests you in your own 80legs account.
Download data You download your Giant Web Crawl data from your own account.

Example Customers

Monotype Imaging

Scans websites for competitive intelligence on font usage.
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Crawls the entire web to help prevent spam emailing.
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Giant Web Crawl Pricing

$1,000 per month for up to 50,000 websites (50 million URLs) crawled every month.

Contact Us to get access to the Giant Web Crawl.
If you're unsure of your ability to set up your own crawls, we also have several managed services to help you out as well, including: