Giant Web Crawl

1. You provide specifications for the data you want to collect.

Our customer success team works with you to determine how to track web content or data relevant to your needs. You can collect HTML tags, script codes, keywords, and more.

2. We customize the Giant Web Crawl to search for your data.

Our customer solutions team updates the Giant Web Crawl to include customized scraping logic to extract data for you.  After a short development period, the Giant Web Crawl updates with these changes.

3. The Giant Web Crawl crawls the entire web to find your data.

The Giant Web Crawl processes millions of URLs from thousands of websites every month. As it processes each URL, it applies the customized scraping logic to the HTML content on each web page.  The Giant Web Crawl sends matching results to your 80legs account.

Use the Giant Web Crawl for:

Additional Features


Customize the Giant Web Crawl to match your data needs.


Crawls over 15 million US and European domains.


Approximately one million URLs crawled every day.

Giant Web Crawl Customers

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