Web Crawling Plans

Run your own web crawls on our powerful infrastructure

80legs Web Crawling Plans let you run your own personalized web crawls. It only takes a few minutes to start using our powerful, custom-built system to collect data from the web.

Here’s how it works:

80legs Interface Specify the URLs on which you want to start your web crawl.
80legs Interface Select what data to collect in the crawl.
Gears Run your web crawl.
Download data Download results once your crawl has completed.

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80legs uses a unique infrastructure to provide affordable, high-performance web crawling.

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Example Customers

Cox Digital Solutions

Uses custom web crawling to identify high-value ad channels.
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Basic Intro Plus Premium
No Setup Fee No Setup Fee No Setup Fee No Setup Fee
Free $29/month $99/month $299/month
10,000 URLs/crawl 100,000 URLs/crawl 1,000,000 URLs/crawl 10,000,000 URLs/crawl
1 running crawl 2 running crawl 3 running crawls 5 running crawls
Queued crawls Queued crawls Queued crawls Queued crawls

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If you're unsure of your ability to set up your own crawls, we also have several managed services to help you out as well, including: